Loan Programs

Fixed Rate

Bedrock offers Fixed Rate Mortgages via its Conduit Lending Program.
Below is a sample of general parameters:

Loan Term 5 yr, 7yr or 10 yr.
Collateral Type First mortgage
Loan Amounts Target $4 Million and Up
Property Types Office (and Medical Office), Retail, Mixed Use, Industrial / Distribution, Multifamily, Hospitality and Other
Eligible Markets All U.S. Markets
Maximum LTV/LTC Up to 75% (depending on Asset Quality and Market)
Minimum DSCR 1.25x DSCR after Replacements/TI/LC
Interest Rates Fixed/Quoted based on market spread to swap rates
Amortization Typically 30-yr (other amortization structures as appropriate)
Non-Recourse Standard lender carve-outs
Escrows Taxes & Insurance; replacements, TI & LC as appropriate
Other Features Loan structures are tailored to each individual transaction and may include upfront reserves for capital improvements, TI/LC, debt service, springing recourse and/or other structural features as deemed necessary.